About this website

Our mission

Our mission is to create a platform as a centralized source of information that helps you choose a storage provider for your business. We’ve built an easily accessible and complete overview of all providers that meet our criteria, and their features. We help you decide which provider is most suitable for your needs.

In our own experience, selecting a provider is a tedious and time consuming task. As a professional, you need to research each provider’s features independently, without getting lost in their different marketing terms. We are on a mission to list all storage related providers in the most accurate and orderly fashion.

So, we’ve built a tool that enables you to compare storage providers one-to-one. We love it, and we hope you will too. It’s that simple!

How we do this

All compr sites are built using Hugo and are hosted serverless (we even created a website about it). We believe serverless hosting is the future of web development. The reason for using this setup originated from an experiment with this contemporary and often hyped type of website creation. Scalabilty, maintainabilty, sustainability, speed, and low costs have been decisive factors to continue this experiment into a production environment.

All data on individual providers and their properties is managed through version control, there is no database to this website. We automate and use tools to create and maintain all of the 228 pages on this website. Every change committed to version control automatically triggers our build pipeline, which in turn can trigger other pipelines in order to achieve maximum efficacy. More importantly, deployments are instant, all without being slowed down by maintenance and “boring” system administration.