S3 Compatible Storage Providers

By StorageProvider.info team
Jan 4, 2022 | 1 min
S3 Compatible Storage Providers

It’s hard enough already to figure out what you find important when selecting a storage provider.

We’ve tried to simplify things a little by providing you with an overview of all the providers that are S3 compatible.

While it’s clear that Amazon was first, they created an entire industry. And with it a new standard for storage solution services. Their Simple Storage Service, nowadays referred to as S3 is so common, the original meaning has long been forgotten.

Funnily enough, Amazon isn’t exactly famous for it’s simple pricing models. Pricing, could have been contributor to the offspring of so many comptetitors nowadays.

This list will hopefully help you select an Alternative to Amazon should you already have an S3 compatible backend.

Storage Providers with S3 Compatible API support
ProviderS3 Compatible API
Amazon S3
Century Link Object Storage
Digital Ocean Spaces
G-Core Storage
OVH Object Storage
Phoenix NAP
Scaleway Object Storage

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