Why Decentralized Storage is another league of Object Storage

By StorageProvider.info team
Jan 25, 2022 | 2 mins
Why Decentralized Storage is another league of Object Storage

In this blogpost we’ll make a distinction between centralized and decentralized object storage.

Centralized Storage solutions have dominated the corporate market segment of this space since inception. Basically any provider listed on this website thusfar has been a Centralized Storage platform provider.

Having said that, we’re all familiar with peer-to-peer storage as well, yes - we’re talking about the BitTorrent protocol.

Then there is the recent cryptocurrency craze, which has spawned a whole new category of assets, businesses and business models.

We gave Filebase a try, and to our surprise, it worked WAY better than we’d imagine. By the looks of it, the technology is ready for some serious business cases with significant traffic. Not something we can easily test without having a decent media library of assets (contact us if you do and want us to perform a test for you!).

Decentralized storage is such a game-changer is because you no longer rely on a single source to provide you with uptime, storage space and redundancy. Granted, uptime is still the one thing we’re in doubt about.

In terms of pricing, the flate rates offered are cheaper than any list pricing we could find and don’t differentiate between data transfer(egress) and data stored. This might just revolutionize the way the corporate storage game is played.

Centralized storage feels old, having to think about planning how much you’ll need, how much the supplier has, if you have redundancy etc. Decentralized will “just work”. Let’s not even discuss having to sign commitment deals that nobody really likes.

Here’s an overview of all Decentralized Storage Providers:

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