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World's biggest Cloud Storage Provider. Amazon, traditionally an online book …Read more

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage Microsoft's answer to their cloud competitor …Read more

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Backblaze's amazing story on how they pivoted their business to Storage Pods is …Read more

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Centurylink, now rebranded/acquired by Lumen is one of the world's largest …Read more

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Digital Ocean is one of the few companies that grew over time and actually made …Read more

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Filebase is one of the next generation cloud storage providers. Offering a layer …Read more

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G-Core, once a spin-off of Wargaming, has evolved into a full blown hosting …Read more

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has proven itself time over time. They host …Read more

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Openstack's founders, Rackspace and …Read more

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OVH has been around in the cloud hosting world for a very long time. In the …Read more

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Being a traditional hosting company, Phoenix NAP has always been working to …Read more

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Scaleway, mostly known for its performance cloud computing brand, launched their …Read more

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Decentralized storage service Sia has been around since 2014, originally …Read more

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Second-generation Cloud Storage Provider Storj, previously known as …Read more

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Wasabi is a relatively new kid on the block in the storage space. However, don't …Read more